You guys came at 1pm yesterday after having to reschedule the day before. The woman who showed up was courteous, pleasant and very patient as the job took much longer than the expected hour. She also called another Gentleman to assist with a small issue and he too was just as professional. My computer is back to being fast again and I couldn’t be happier with the work. I will gladly refer your services to anyone in need. Best 50 bucks I’ve spent in some time. I wish I could remember their names so I could give them proper credit.


Paul Smith

Account Executive


This is a must read:

Often when you purchase a computer system from a company or personal seller, you don’t know what to expect. You have worked hard and put out your hard earned cash but you’re often left feeling cheated-but not with REDCOM!

I recently had a computer, which was outdated and I had unintentionally deleted many of my most valued files. Components of my system had crashed and I was unsure of what I could do. Just to add insult to energy, I had made a phone call to REDCOM a day earlier telling them I needed my files backed up and that I wanted a new computer. Instead of going with their first appointment, I hesitated because I felt my outdated system would withstand the test of time. I soon found out that this is the year 2011 and technology waits for no one-man, woman, or child.

With their quick and reliable services, they were able to restore my files from my dinosaur of a computer, and then the education and options began.We discussed the type of new computer I was looking for and what software would be needed to keep me happy and up to date. After a detailed consultation we came to an agreement about my computer needs and now all I had to do was let REDCOM do their thing.

In less than two days my brand new computer arrived and when I say it was fully loaded-with my old files recovered and working properly-it was everything and more I could have paid for. The price was reasonable and the service was excellent. Today I’ve been on my computer all day and can’t seem to get off. It’s lightening fast and I feel safe knowing I have back-up files on all my most prized information. Also the virus protection is superior to anything I’ve ever seen and I have no fair that I can surf the website without harm coming to my new baby.

Please folks, don’t be fooled by this knockoff computer services and salesmen. There are people in this business that just don’t know what they’re doing, nor will they take their time to educate you and give you the time to pick the right system.

I now have a relationship with REDCOM and already I have referred my best friend and her daughter. REDCOM is a one stop shop and with all the options they offer, I guarantee they will be sure to satisfy.


Philadelphia PA